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 Full Storyline.

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PostSubject: Full Storyline.   Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:15 am

Current Year: 2080

Story line of Roleplay: The human research has developed ever since WWIII, in 2012, countries have been split apart, put together, changed, and developed. Some countries have been overtaken some have expanded some have gotten smaller. In each country there is at least one Lab Institution, not just for prisoners of war, but also for experiments, human experiments, animal experiments, ect. all kinds of things have been going through their labs. Depending on where the lab is, the things they do to these living beings is horrible. Most of the countries listen to the "overall" ruler of the world, who created these labs and brought up the idea of testing on humans, they call themselves the "Nashire Ozmebda" that is their own language, which only they know and can speak, with the exception from a few lab subjects or soldiers who have learned it easily. The Nashire Ozmebda, or NO for short, doesn't allow people to be different. Difference causing war, difference is horrible, that's the impression they're under. Most of the world is also under the impression that NO is right, only a few countries(Scotland, USA, and Germany) think differently, for their leaders are trying to take down the NO, they have been creating a plan in secret for quite sometime, but need soldiers who aren't involved in the NO, like former Lab escapees.

More will be revealed later in the roleplay.

All Educational systems in USA, Scotland, and Germany are the same. So the universities, (Harvard, University of Glasgow, ect.) are the same, although not all high schools and middle schools and elementary schools are.
This is kind of a reality roleplay, when making your profile make sure to make sense, if they can breath under water they usually can't breathe above water, so instead make their lungs larger, but make sure it makes sense.
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Full Storyline.
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