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 Alistair Tran

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Username: Alistair0415

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Name: Alistair Tran

Name Meaning: man's defender , Last : Serenity

Age: 15

Birth date: 9/24/1996

Born in: Japan

Origin: Japanese

Accent: English/

Gender: Female

Personality: Alistair has no emotion , usually she acts cold and mean . She doesn't really ' care someone gets hurt. She would usually just go in a rage mode when someone attacks her right arm. Alistair likes to sleep even tho she's a light sleeper , if there's a lot of noise she would attack the person and then untill that person is beaten she would go back to what ever she is doing.She would only smirk of excitement in a Battle. She would only care about the people that she knows and trust's , just not showing them.

Lab/Institute Location: Korea , seoul

Experimental Trait: Her jacket is part of Alistair's body so the inside of her jacket is full of knifes , The knifes is also attached to her hands so she could control the knifes ( strings can turn to changes or invisible string ) .If she runs out it would usually just generate for there to have more , even tho it can generate there's a limit the generation to the knifes ( 12 knifes on each side of the jacket , limit is 72 knifes and then she has to rest for an hour. ) If she runs out of knife she always has a katana with her for safety ( an expert on using a Katana because of the Rich Family )). Her right arm is a robot like-arm , if it gets damaged she would have to go to the repair center for mechanics .She would be alert before anything happens and dodge whenever she could in fast speed.

Biography: Alistair was made from scientist.She has a number which was 365 on her back , which she was the 365's made human .The scientist made her like a normal human , that can grow , breath , and have pain.Once she was no longer needed they erased all her memory and was sold for 350,000,000 million yen from a rich family. During the years in the family she was the 5th child of the family ( the rest 4 children was a regular human ) . The wife and husband were strict people and would make Alistair work 9 hours a day to be the heir of their family, If the wife and husband were close to death Alistair would take over and find a husband to take over the family but every time they try to convince Alistair to be the heir Alistair would refuse. Once the wife and husband were tired trying to convince her to be the lead of the family they would now train her to be a knight for the family and trained her 24/7 more than studying . They would Child-abuse her if she wanted to take a break . They use a whip and hit her on the back in a X formation on her back where her number test was. The only person who cared for her was her brother that was 5 years older than her. He would convince his parents to let Alistair go on a break , they refused politely to her brother . After all the painful moments on September 24 , which was her birthday , she ran away when she was 12 taking 200 million yen without the family knowing.Every year should would go back to her fake-family and would go inside to steal more 200million yen. After all that harsh punishment-like, she decided to travel on her own finding new discoveries about herself and her right arm . ( Why she hated her right arm getting attacked? It takes great force to attack it or damge it since her right arm was a robot , It would be a nuisance if she had to repair it with repair fee's , Since the fee's cost 50,000 yen to repair her mechanic arm.
Alistair likes to spend her time eating , getting information from people , or eating. Alistair's favourite food is green tea that is sweeten and green tea , tea. she also likes to get in peoples business even though its not her business . she enjoys arguing with people since it is a way to kill time. She dislikes when she gives food to other people without saying thank you or paying for it or buy things she doesn't like , like chocolate. She really hates when she doesnt get her personal space like two fat people sitting besides her or if someone is sitting too close to her. Black White , and Red are her favourite colours , yet she dislikes the colour green. Alistair's job , she assume's that she collects information on what ever she is interested in , yet she is also an observer for a secret company under USA.

Appearance: Alistair has pitch black , Straight bangs and hair up to her elbows.Red High lights on the tip of her hair and the tips of her bangs.She has star head phones thats on her ears that are black and red , like her hair. she wears a gray inside T-Like shirt and a vest ( no sleeves , band thats on her next ( to hold the vest<-? ) ) that is gray and black striped ( doing up and down ) Cow-bow-shorts that is the color gray. She has this dangling belt ( vocaloid-like-belt - ) that has spikes on it. she has this white band on her left Thigh. She wears sneakers with pure white socks on. Also , she has this band ( like what hibari wears on his arm) with a star that is black and light - star-like yellow color . She wears an eye patch on her left eye that she got into a fight. On her hair she has a small-like pony tail on the right of her hair , ( Color of ribbon is white ) She has Pure Black eyes that you could see a dark reflection of yourself/OC. She has a Gray-Black bag that hangs around her so that she can hold things like , candy , drinks , notepad , art supplies.

Last edited by Alistair0415 on Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:45 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : The reason is that i have alot of ideas of past events , likes and dislikes and i express them on my OC.)
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Alistair Tran
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