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 All Rules.

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All Rules. Empty
PostSubject: All Rules.   All Rules. EmptyTue Oct 25, 2011 11:43 pm

Sexual and/or pornographic content (Hentai)

Hateful or abusive content

Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person

Copyright infringment / hacking

Spamming. (You talk too much OOC.)

Credit card fraud(Don't know why you'd need a credit card, but don't do it or this forum site could be band.)

This is an OC roleplay, you cannot just copy down a character from an anime, example is that you want to roleplay Lucy from Fairy Tale, that's not going to happen in this roleplay.

Members are not allowed to kill off other characters, only staff may kill off characters that are breaking the rules, and well, the creator can do whatever the heck she wants.

Give Credit if you use a picture/paragraph drawn/written by another person besides yourself.

You may only change your OC profile once a season, (once every Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall--unless admin/moderator or you have a good reason for editing it, ex: She cut her hair, learned something, ect.)

Rule code is Rainbow Trololol (Because I'm unoriginal like that)


No godmodding. Godmodding is when someone is forcing a character to do something, a roleplay will please report that Member to me right away and I will clarify with the member. Godmodding is also when your character is "Power playing" example is that your character can cheat death; kill people in an instant; ect. and this is also not allowed, any godmodding or power playing and you'll be banned without any strikes.

If you'd like to have your character forget about their past explain why they forgot / Write past that they forgot, just put that this is the part they forgot.

You may fill out some spaces later in roleplay, but not name, age, gender, appearance, ect.

If you're going to write a sexual scene, in detail or not in detail, write it in "[RPG] Perverted Part of WOL"

Write in PARAGRAPH format

Details, if you know me, you know I'm a detail whore, so if you knock out a guard (or fellow roleplayer) explain how don't just put "And then Jean(my OC) knocked out one of the guards." Fu! No, you have to add how you knocked out that guard, and you cannot have it be something totally random, it has to tie into your OC profile so it can't be something like "And then jean knocked out one of the guards by kicking them with her super strength." Fu, where the fuck did I put "super strength" into her profile, you know I might've but I'm not going to go look.

Don't break the rules three times, your OC will be killed by one of our staff will kill off your OC. And don't piss off any moderator, she'll kill your character and banned out after three strikes, and I keep track of these things.
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All Rules.
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