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  Sakura Jean Vargas

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PostSubject: Sakura Jean Vargas    Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:39 pm

"Sounds like fun!"
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Name: Sakura Jean Vargas (She Prefers to be called by her middle name)

Name Meaning: Sakura [Cherry Blossom] Jean [the female name of John in French] Vargas [Head strong and stubborn] Although Jean's Scottish she has doesn't have any Scottish name in her full name.

Nicknames: None

Age: 17

Birth date: January 1st, 1993 [Jean picked that day since she didn’t know her actual birthday]

Gender: Female

Born in: Scotland, Wick

Origin: Scottish 1/4 Italian

Accent: Jean lost her accent in the lab although she still has a hint of her Scottish accent, sometimes letting out a "lad" or something, by accident.

Lab/Institute Location: Scotland, Oban / USA, New York, Uister

Experimental Trait: Jean is doubled personality, although it's rather hard to trigger her second personality that was created with the "monster" called the Tasmanian Devil. Although durring her stay she was once bitten by one of their monster's, who had an unknown disease that she still can't find a cure for or what it actual is for that, causing her teeth to sharpen like the beast. She hates this since she is usually biting her lip or cheek, making it bleed.

Personality: She acts selfish and, in reality, probably is. She's an adventurer that is only in it for the money and treasure. She helps people by accident sometimes and may even ruin their lives.
Jean's past is mostly the cause of her personality faults, the abusive father and her mother saving her then dying in front of her and Jean's little brother. She's cautious and hates anything having to do with love or friendship, she would rather only have enemies, life is so much easier that way, which is why Jean's reserved personality makes it seem almost as if she hates everyone in the world, which isn't true. Even though Jean tries to keep people distant, it may not work, some people are just annoying that way.
Jean's also sarcastic and never takes anything seriously because of the hiding of her true feelings. She's cruel and merciless when dealing with people who remind her of her father, or the scientists. Jean's not a forgetting nor forgiving person, which, in her own way, makes her naive, not in the way you think though. The way Jean's naive is that she's not forgiving and will do anything in her power to make that person pay, unlike her younger brother who can easily forgive and not get hung up on things.
Jean has a terrible fear for horses, no one knows why, but she puts it as "They're dangerous at both ends and unpredictable in the middle" which always makes her brother giggle and tease her.

Biography: Let me set the scene: a dark night, only one house on the street with their lights on, a pleasant enough house, and with a green yard and a winding path to the door. The family inside seems like the perfect family, smart son and daughter, loving father and mother. As you may walk by this house and stop to admire it, you may find yourself running away quickly at the sound of a scream and a crash. This family was Jean's, with her father's abusive rage and unavoidable punishes, Jean learned that this was normal, that women shouldn't question men. Jean asked her mother if she was right one afternoon when father was out, while they were cooking, Mother's hand paralyzed with realization as the knife hit the floor along with the carrot she was peeling, suddenly, in a matter of seconds, Jean was in her mother's embrace.
That night, Jean was 9, and her brother was 7, was their last night of beatings after they left, with little things such as clothing, money, food, and three personal belongings that each of them could bring, Jean's mother brought a purple necklace, Jean brought her brother's book since she didn't want anything, and Ren, Jean's brother, brought two things, secretly, a time traveling device and a large staff.
After they were long gone and halfway across the world, Jean's mother took out lots of blades, all but two were pitch black throwing knives, the other two were long and silver, twin blades. The blades were silver, and the handle was black with a wrapping of red that eventually led to the end, a golden string hung a purple jewel, Jean was in awe. They were so pretty, Mother noticed this and smiled, she asked "Would you like to learn how to use them?" It took her two years to master it, and then the blades were hers.
Jean's family had too keep moving to stay away from father's line of sight, two years after they left him, he found them. Jean's mother looked at her children and quickly got in front of them, taking several bullets, in front of Jean's and Ren's eyes her mother's blood was brutally spilled from her body. Jean fell to her knees in front of her mother's body, and cried, Ren saved Jean that day, he pulled her shirt and asked her if they could leave, that was when he took out the Time Traveling Device and lots of other stuff, that today makes up a lot of what Jean uses when fighting, Jean nodded and stood up, she picked her brother up and crushed the time device under her foot, forcing them into the Space time continuum, then something grabbed Ren by the waist and pulled him away from her, something grabbed her by the waste as well, a time dimension forcing them to it.
Jean emerged with people in white lab coats surrounding her, then she was tested on and put in an arena with a Tasmanian Devil, except so much bigger, Jean killed it, mercifully. After that they did horrible tests on her that Jean hated, putting her in an arena many times and then more tests. For a time Jean went crazy, she was mad for almost two months, but then she saw something that made her snap into reality, her brother. He was older than her, he must have come through before her, she screamed for him, he looked to be about 15 when she was 14, she ran towards him but was held back by the lab coats, he looked at her with wishful and surprised eyes, Jean noticed that there were tears streaming down her face, the last thing she saw from him was his million-dollar smile.
Jean turned 16, she rethought that face, dreamt of it, compared it, and decided that she would save him, save everybody that is there. Although, the first thing she'd need to do is escape herself. One night, she gathered all of her things, only the suit and things that Ren and her mother gave her before they were torn apart and killed everyone that saw her escape, she freed all of the people who were in cells, she also robbed them blind of most of their money, after that adventure she cut off most of her hair so that she'd be not as recognizable. She then started to travel the world, picking off the people who work for the lab coats, as she calls them, slowly.

Jean's appearance is an unforgettable one, with lots of scars plastered into your memory. Jean's hair is short and brown, although it has natural red highlights, most people just call it brown. With a blue eye compliment, that changes different shades, she her face is rather slender and cute. She has a black bandage upon her long neck that covers a scar that her father has left, a symbol edged into her very being. When being confronted she may take the bandage off to intimidate the opponent.
Jean takes much pride in her body, except her legs. Her body is very mature, with large breasts, large enough to attract attention, but not large enough to make her job hard, and a skinny waist she is a master a seduction. Along her side stomach is yet another long scar, this one being white, instead of pink like her neck one. She has medium thighs and short legs, which are pretty much her only discomfort, other than the scars, but, personally, I wouldn’t count that. For Jean will shoe off her scars to intimidate the opponent or may make up lies about a dragon or something to impress friends or partners.
Jean wears what a thief should wear: a thin white cotton shirt, then, on top of that, a gray hoodie, and on top of that she wears a black leather suit, complete with extra pockets along the legs, arms, and one for each breast, although she never uses those, I doubt they even open. On her hands she wears black gloves that work exactly like a humans and can even copy finger prints and regenerate them on for things such as framing people. She wears black knee socks under the body suit and black leather high heel boots on her legs, complete with pockets as well. In all of these pockets she keeps many things, along her arms are debt cards, wallets, makeup, you know, girl things, along her legs are knives, ropes, and such things one thief needs, in her butt pockets she keeps poison in one and one knife and laser in the other.
I thought I should perhaps go into the things she keeps in her leg pockets a bit more, for one does not know all the things a thief from the future needs. On her upper thighs she carries ropes and such, such little pocket space for such essential things. You see, the ropes are so thin you can’t see them, yet they’re so strong you could suspend an elephant or two and it would not break, a thing from the future, perhaps. Her lower thighs, where her fingers reach and can quickly pull anything out of are a few of her knives, and of course some Glaxy, another thing from the future. A Glaxy is a small square that, when thrown, expands into a pad to step on, that is made up of something that is glowing, something from another planet, something from Neptune, a planet in our Solar system. The rest her pockets are empty, for treasure, of course. That is, except for one that holds something dear to her: her mother’s amulet. Suspended upon a golden chain is a circle, that appears to be made out of purple gold, that is not exactly what it is, but it is close. Deep within the heart of Venus lies somewhere colder than anywhere else in the solar system, and inside it holds many rare and beautiful jewels, but the most rare, and the most beautiful is the purple gold that lies in the heart, to just have an amulet like that is incredibly rare. Anyways, this amulet’s design is of a butterfly with an arrow through it, there are no colors except for the purple of the background.

She's a time traveler, but because she broke her button she's stuck.

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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Jean Vargas    Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:50 pm

Dang. Thats long.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Jean Vargas    Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:29 am

Alistair0415 wrote:
Dang. Thats long.

I'm not even halfway done yet too, still gotta go put in details o_o
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Jean Vargas    

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Sakura Jean Vargas
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